Meet our Students
Robel Kebede

Hometown: I was born in Jima, Ethiopa

What are you majoring in?: I am majoring in Philosophy.

What campus do you attend?: I attend the Dunwoody campus of Georgia Perimeter College.

When do you expect to graduate?: I expect to graduate in 2009.

Why did you choose to come to GPC?I decided to come to GPC in order to get acclimated to college life and part-time work close to home.

What are some of the activities you’re involved in at GPC?I am involved in most of the activities and events held by the department of Student Life, such as Spring Fling and Culture Fest.

What professor/instructor has influenced you most?I enjoyed Kirstin Ralston-Coley’s sociology class.

When you are not hitting the books, what do you like to do?I like to spend time improving my Muay Thai and Ju Jitsu.

If you had a super power, what would it be? The power to control time would be an interesting ability that I wouldn’t mind having. It would give me the opportunity to erase my past mistakes.

After I graduate, I plan to...I plan to go to graduate school.

What will you remember most about GPC? I will remember the helpful staff and faculty.