Meet our Students
Brian Harper

Hometown: Covington, Ga

What are you majoring in?: I am majoring in Journalism/Communications.

What campus do you attend?: Newton Campus

When do you expect to graduate?: Spring 2009

Why did you choose to come to GPC? To elevate my GPA

What are some of the activities you’re involved in at GPC?
Student Government Association, Intramurals Coordinator, Health and Wellness Coordinator, played on the college tennis team

What professor/instructor has influenced you most?Christopher Moser

When you are not hitting the books, what do you like to do?Play tennis, anything athletic, fishing, sporting events

If you had a super power, what would it be? I would (want the power)to read people’s minds.

What do you wish your friends knew about you? That I have a green thumb, and have a full garden

After I graduate, I plan to... Attend the University of Georgia and graduate with a communications degree, then off to ESPN!

What will you remember most about GPC? The leadership qualities I acquired (through) the school organizations.