Meet our Students
Arnaz Vaidya

Hometown: I was born in Chicago, but I was brought up in Mumbai, India. (I now live in) Decatur, Ga.

What are you majoring in?: I am majoring in Nursing.

What campus do you attend?: I attend (both) Clarkston and Decatur Campuses.

When do you expect to graduate?: 2012

Why did you choose to come to GPC? I was new here and it was my first time attending any school in the (United States). (My friends and family advised me to come) to GPC.

What are some of the activities youíre involved in at GPC?I was involved in the Student Government Association (SGA)and through the SGA I got a chance to be a part of the College-wide Budget Committee and the Strategic Planning Committee.

What professor/instructor has influenced you most?All the professors and instructors have been amazing contributors but as always there is one person (who stands out) and that would be Mr. Robert Faust. He was my public speaking instructor. Public speaking is something that everyone dreads, but Mr. Faust (made it) easy and fun.

When you are not hitting the books, what do you like to do?When I am not (hitting) the books I am at work, but if I have any spare time I love to spend it with my family.

If you had a super power, what would it be? If I had a super power (it would be the power to) cure any person even those who suffer with diseases that are (incurable).

What do you wish your friends knew about you? I wish they knew that when I put my opinion forward I put it with honesty and sometimes forget that it can be (hurtful).

After I graduate, I plan to... After I graduate I plan to work towards a masterís degree. Also, if possible I would want to go back to the place where I was brought up and help some unfortunate people who are in need of some professional help but are not fortunate enough to get any help.

What will you remember most about GPC?
I will always remember the faculty and staff at GPC. Everyone is so helpful. They make college so much easier, they are always ready to help. And also, another thing about GPC that I will miss is the diversity; there are students from all around and there is always so much to learn from everybody.