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Clarkston, GA 30021-2396

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            Georgia Perimeter College (GPC) operates and maintains physical facilities that appropriately serve the needs of the institution’s educational programs, support services, and other mission-related activities.  The Facilities Operations department is charged with the care and maintenance of all GPC facilities.  This includes all buildings and grounds, owned and/or leased, all physical property, campus utilities, motor vehicles, and courier and mail services. 

            As a multi-campus institution spread over a large metropolitan area, the logistics of the plant maintenance and service operations are rather unique.   A combination of on campus staffing, central operations staffing, and outsourcing from the private sector is utilized to support the locations.  Four major areas are staffed and located on each campus:  building maintenance, grounds maintenance, custodial services, and customer care/events management.  The central support functions, such as management, specialized technicians, motor pool, courier/mail services, are housed at Clarkston Campus.  Maintaining a sustainable, safe, accessible, efficient and aesthetically pleasing environment at the institution is of the highest priority.