Proctored Testing:
Midterms and Final Exams

Who must take proctored tests


  • All students taking online mathematics or online computer science classes are required to take a proctored final exam as part of the course requirements. 

  • Learning Support students are required to take a proctored midterm exam in addition to the proctored final exam during full-semester courses (see your teacher's syllabus for more information concerning the proctored midterm).

  • Proctored final exams will be offered by the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science on various GPC Campuses on dates specified in instructors' syllabi. If you are a prospective student, contact the instructor for more information.

Students outside of the Atlanta area
(in US)


  • If you are unable to come to GPC to take your final exam or midterm, then arrangements can be made for you to take your exam(s) at the testing center of an accredited college near you. The Department Chair must approve any testing location outside of GPC.

  • To find an acceptable testing site, please visit the National College Testing Association's website:

Students outside of the US


  • If you will be outside of the United States, then we can not guarantee that we will be able to identify an appropriate proctor for your exam(s) and thus you may want to wait to take your math or computer science class until you are back in the States.  If you are a military student, there are often educational centers on the military posts that can be deemed acceptable sites.

  • Please contact the department chair if you have questions about whether or not a site will be approved.

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