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MyMathLab (MyStatLab) Issues: Math 1001/0997, Math 1070, Math 1433, and Math 2008 (MML Stand Alone Access Codes)
Contact Technical Support.

ALEKS (360) Issues: Math 0987, Math 0989, and Math 0999
Contact ALEKS Support or call 714-619-7090.

CONNECT MATH Hosted by ALEKS Issues: Math 1111

Contact Customer Support or call 949-390-2095.

WebAssign Issues: Math 1113, Math 2431, and Math 2432

Contact Student Support or call 1-800-955-8275 and use option 1.

Technical Issues Related to iCollege?
Contact the Perimeter College Help Desk or call 404-413-HELP (404-313-4357).