The online department of Arts and Humanities at Perimeter College of Georgia State University offers courses in the disciplines of Art, Communications, ESL, Film, Fine Arts, French, Humanities, Journalism, Music, Philosophy, Religion, Spanish and Theater. Our course offerings help students broaden their understanding of themselves and others through the study of diverse cultures and religious traditions, foreign languages, artistic perspectives, and philosophical foundations. In addition to offering courses that fulfill core curriculum area requirements (see Core I and Core II), students can now complete the following programs fully online: CommunicationsFilm, Foreign Language, Foreign Language with a Concentration in Business, Journalism, and Philosophy.

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Common Course Outlines

The following Humanities courses are offered online. For an outline of the course you plan to take, click on the name of the course below. 

ARTS 1301  COMM 2300 FILM 2700 HUMN 1303 MUSC 1708 SPAN 1001
ARTS 1690  COMM 2900 FILM 2900 HUMN 1305 PHIL 2010 SPAN 1002
ARTS 1692  ENSL 0082 FREN 1001 JOUR 1611 PHIL 2020  SPAN 2001
COMM 1100 ENSL 0091  FREN 1002 JOUR 1613 PHIL 2030 SPAN 2002
COMM 1201 ENSL 0093 GPCS 1010 JOUR 2601 PRSP 1010 THEA 1301
COMM 2105 FILM 1010 HUMN 1301 MUSC 1301 RELI 1301  



Discover the advantages of learning a foreign language online

Our world is becoming increasingly interconnected requiring a competitive bilingual workforce.  The Foreign Language Program along with GPC Online invite you to discover the flexibility and ease of completing an A.A. in Foreign Language or an A.A. in Foreign Language with a Concentration in Business online.

Foreign Language courses are developed and taught by GPC faculty within the Department of Foreign Languages.  All course material is delivered through multimedia instruction coupled with realistic objectives.  Students will interact with their instructor and classmates through virtual classrooms, online discussion boards (both oral and written), real-time chats, and interactive content to gain competency communicating in the target language.  Online students receive the same curriculum as on-campus students.



Spanish Placement Test

From any computer with Internet access, you can take the free online Spanish placement exam at this URL: The password is "gpc". The exam takes from 5 minutes to 20 minutes, depending on your knowledge of the Spanish language. When you finish the exam your results will be displayed for you along with the Spanish class you tested into. Students who test into SPAN 1001 can register themselves. Students who test into SPAN 1002 or higher will need a department chair's assistance to register. If you test into SPAN 1002 or above, and you plan to take the course you tested into online, copy and paste the results into an e-mail and send it from your GPC e-mail account to with a request to be registered for the online Spanish course you placed into. Students who plan to take SPAN 1002 or higher on one of the GPC campuses should take a printout of their results to the department chair of ESL and Foreign Languages on the campus they attend.

For more information about advanced placement into other foreign language courses, click here: .If you have questions about any of the advanced placement information posted, contact the chair of foreign languages on the campus you attend or Online.