Newton Campus

Arts and Humanities Advisory Council





The Newton Campus Arts and Humanities Advisory Council (NEWAHAC) serves as a liaison with the college’s Arts and Humanities programs and as a facilitator for speakers and events, in order to ensure that Newton Campus students, faculty, staff, and local communities heighten their interaction with and knowledge of Arts and Humanities issues, performances, and ideas.


Campus Performances

Work with campus academic groups, campus Student Life, local organizations, and others to bring theatrical performances, and film festivals to the Newton Campus


Campus Speakers

Work with the campus symposium and lyceum programs about possible speakers in the Humanities and Arts


College Programs

Support efforts to build successful academic programs in the Arts and Humanities and Fine Arts


Develop partnerships with local community groups to promote the Arts and Humanities in our service area of Newton, Rockdale, Walton, Jasper, and Morgan Counties

The Committee

Amanda Boone

Clay Hulet

Deborah Byrd

Jane Hercules

Janet Hollier

Julie Langley

Linda Bowen

Peggy Strevel

Kathleen DeMarco,  Co-Chair

Deborah Manson, First Officer

Professor Carissa Gray, Member Ex Officio

Dean Marla Calico, Member Ex Officio

Suzanne Dickerson, Webmaster