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Drama and Creative Writing Club




Cafe Noir, Drama and Creative Writing Club, is a Newton Campus based student club that provides a forum for artistic interest.  One of the main club events is the "Cafe Noir Happening" that merges student and faculty performances with a coffeehouse feel.  Its purpose  is to collaborate and combine various creative expressions through public performances to all students interested in literature and the fine arts.  They occur on several Wednesdays throughout the semester, provide coffee and pastries, and feature faculty and student exhibitions including art, poetry, slam poetry, dramatic monologues, interpretive dance, spoken word, musical and vocal performances, and dramatic readings.


Although most GPC students are familiar with the coffeehouse performances in the Atrium of Building 2, the club also meets to see plays, to have literary discussions, and to participate in dramatic and creative writing workshops.  The club originated in the fall of 2009, and its first event was in October, 2009, in "The Studio" the Fine arts theatre and classroom.  The club's first faculty advisors were Janet Hollier and Carole Creekmore.   The current faculty advisor is Dr. Ted Worozybt.


The GPC Newton Student Creative Writing and Drama Club proudly presents Café Noir Wednesday, March 5, 4:00-6:00pm in the campus auditorium, 2N1100.  Enjoy terrific open mic performances of mostly original poetry, songs and music -- courtesy of some of our campus’s most creative students and faculty!

If you would like to perform in Café Noir, please contact Ted Worozbyt at  or Shane "Baritone" VanDeCruize at Please tell us what you plan to perform – your poem(s), song(s), instrumental music, story, or something else out of the ordinary.  If you can’t contact us in advance, just show up.  Unless we’re full, we can pencil you in.

Both solo and small group performances are welcome.  Please plan to perform for approximately five to seven minutes.

Admission and tasty refreshments are free!