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    Computer Science

  • CSCI 1100 Introduction to Computing
    3 Semester Hours
    Prerequisite: Exit Learning Support & ESL

         o Common Course Outline


  • CSCI 1300 Introduction to Computer Science
    3 Semester Hours
    Prerequisite: Exit Learning Support,  ESL, and MATH 1111 with a grade of “C” or better
  • CSCI 1301 Principles of Computer Science I

  • 4 Semester Hours
    Prerequisite: Math 1101 or Math 1113, and CSCI 1300 with C or better


  • CSCI 1302 Principles of Computer Science II

  • 4 Semester Hours
    Prerequisite: CSCI 1301 with C or better


  • CSCI 2800 Capstone Project

  • 1-3 Semester Hours
    Prerequisites: Sophomore standing, completion of 2 sequential programming courses with C or better, and approval of project proposal by department head.


  • CSCI 2900 Selected Topics

  • 3 Semester Hours
    Prerequisites: Sophomore standing and CSCI 1301 with C or better, or permission of the instructor and department head.











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 Collegiate Level Mathematics