(Revised 2/1/02)

This policy establishes procedures for members of the Mathematics/ Computer Science/ Engineering Discipline with regard to piloting textbooks, that is, using a textbook other than the textbook(s) on the list approved by the Discipline.

Any Mathematics/ Computer Science/ Engineering course committee can propose a pilot textbook for a course to be used for one or two semesters (excluding summer) by following the following procedure:

  1. A member or members of the appropriate course committee may initiate the request for using a pilot text and submit this request to the committee for discussion and approval. The idea could originate with a faculty member outside the course committee but should be discussed with a course committee member and presented to the course committee by a member of the committee.
  2. It is the responsibility of the proposer(s) to initiate the process in a timely manner. If the course committee approves, the committee writes and submits a proposal to the Executive Committee. If the course committee does not approve, the member(s) may bring a revised plan back to the course committee for approval.
  3. Upon approval of the pilot text the course committee must establish the campus and semester where the pilot text is to be used and gain approval from the department chair at that campus for using the pilot text in one or more sections.
  4. The course committee must submit a proposal to the Executive Committee of the Discipline including:  a)  A justification for piloting the text for one term;  b)  Particulars of the use of the pilot text (who will teach the section(s), when and where the pilot text will be used, source of the books -- donated by publisher or purchased through the bookstore?); and c)  A statement from the appropriate department chair giving approval for the pilot.
  5. The Executive Committee of the Discipline must make a recommendation in favor or opposed to using the pilot text to the Discipline.
  6. The course committee proposal and recommendation from the Executive Committee must be presented at an Discipline meeting. Approval of the proposal requires a simple majority of the full Discipline.
  7. If the proposal is approved, the following procedures must be followed.
            a.  The course committee is responsible for writing an appropriate Teaching Guide for the pilot text.
            b. An evaluation of the use of the pilot text must be presented to the course committee
                (with a copy to the Executive Committee) during the semester following the use of the pilot text.