Revised April 25, 2006

Exemption Tests

Students who have never taken a college-level mathematics course are eligible to take Compass Exemption Tests in College Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry to exempt Math 1101/1111 and Math 1113. Students who have completed Learning Support may not take exemption tests. However, these students may receive credit for an entry-level mathematics course by successfully completing the College Algebra CLEP test.  For information concerning the CLEP test, contact the District Testing Center on the Clarkston Campus.

A student’s placement score on the COMPASS or CPE determines whether he is eligible to take the Compass Exemption Tests. In order to be eligible, the placement score must be as follows:

CPE with Subscore

90 with 6

88 with 7+

86 or 87 with 8+



Compass Exemption Tests

Students who are eligible to take mathematics exemption tests according to the placement criteria above may take exemption tests for Math 1101/1111 and Math 1113 through the Testing Center on each campus. These students should contact the Testing Center to arrange an appointment for the tests.

The cut off scores for exemption are:

College Algebra 45                  Student may exempt Math 1101/1111.

              Students who satisfy both scores may exempt Math 1113.

Banner entries on WOATEST for students who complete these mathematics exemption tests are listed below.

MXSS 1000        Student does not exempt any college level course.
                            Student must begin in Math 1101 or Math 1111.

MXSS 1101        Student may exempt Math 1101/1111 and begin in Math 1113.

MXSS 1113        Student may exempt both Math 1101/1111 and Math 1113 and begin in Math 2431.