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Ready to Jumpstart Your College Career?

It's a good idea to start college early. Research shows that students who start college while still in high school do well academically when they become full-time college students. At Georgia Perimeter College, we'll provide you with all of the help you need to succeed.

Choose to take one or two college courses or be a full-time college student while you're still in high school. It's up to you.

Your Peers Recommend Move On When Ready!

"This was the best program I have ever been involved in. I would highly recommend it to any one in high school. I graduategd high school with 24 credit hours."

"Dual Enrollment allowed me to take part in actual college work unlike an AP class that just read out of a college book. I learned the skills in Calculus I and II to be able to make an A in my Calculus III at my current university."

"I loved everything about the Dual Enrollment Program at GPC! From the classes to the instructors to the other students I met. The whole experience helped me in my ability to handle college after graduation from high school."

So what are you waiting for? Get started now.

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