Military Stories


Dr. Ron Swofford


Letter from Vietnam

Earl Jr.

Earl's Letters: Letter 1, Letter 2, Letter 3, Letter 4, Letter 5 & Letter 6

Earl's Pictures: Pictures 1, Pictures 2 & Pictures 3

Letter from Chaplain

Ron Taylor Spanish American War Pictures
Michaela Kunze Grandma Burga
Heinze Irle Blowing Up the Ammunition Train
Gene Wise

April 13, 1945, The day After the Death of Franklin Rossevelt

No General Availalble

Keena Scott One Man's Nightmare
Cheyenne Reiser Standoff in the Mekong
Robert Knowles A Near Miss, Or Was It?
Jeanne Clerc Batann Death March
H. Philip Fowler

Jim Hill, A True American Hero
Young Soldier Photo, Old Man Photo

Kathy Adams My Marine
Camille Pillay A Soldier’s Recollection
Nick Bentley Old Pete
Jun Lee Korean Love Story
Dr. Harris Green The Day I Got Dressed Up to Get Dressed Down

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