Lessons Learned



Donna Hill

The Most Dangerous Weapon

Crystal D. Wilgus

A Coma Can be a Cure

Jared Carson

Sometimes Miracles Hide

Jeremy Wallin

No Estimated Time of Arrival

Deshay Fowler

Death at the Door

Carmen Heard

Hot Noodles

Lindsey Bordor

The Four-Wheeler Accident

Andrea Loggins

The Little Boy Who Could Fly

Chris Baker

The Runaway Boat

Erik Moton

The Choice of Survival

Katie Green

An Intimidating Disability; A Fascinating Student

Starla L. Fayson

Apartment Fire

Nathan Beers

20/20 Hindsight

Mildred Mitchell Padgett

Sinful Tea

Kassie Miller

Scary Man

Rick Harris


Patricia Doty

A Lesson in Fear


Guardian Angel

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