Pam Gore, Professor of Geology


Almost Evergreen


Back around 1996-97 we had a big contest to rename the college.  “DeKalb College” no longer seemed to fit as a name as we extended into surrounding counties.  I submitted lots of names to the contest and won some prizes at fall convocation including a pair of tickets to a Braves game.


The official name selected after interviews with focus groups, etc., was EVERGREEN COLLEGE.  (This was written up in the Atlanta Journal Constitution on August 30, 1997.)


 Well, all of this was the year that fall convocation was held at the First Baptist Church of Atlanta off I-285 in the old Avon Headquarters.  And this is the famous year (if I remember correctly) in which the faculty and staff were served FROZEN SANDWICHES by the caterer.  Have you ever tried to eat a turkey sandwich with ice chunks and frozen meat?


Well, we are not called Evergreen College.  Apparently the Regents decided that we would be Georgia Perimeter College, reflecting our accessibility and the location of several campuses close to 285.