Faye S. McCrary

Admin. Asst. to the Asst. Vice President for Educational Affairs/Continuing & Corporate Education



A GPC Memory

My Fondest Memory at GPC


I would say my fondest memory at GPC thus far has been when I attended the Magic of Leadership Training week-long conference.


That conference was mentally invigorating. I left with a new ownership and dedication to the College, the students, the administrations and my coworkers. We all have a piece of the puzzle; and the puzzle cannot be completed if one of us is missing. I saw coworkers across all campuses in a different light. We all took off our masks. We poured out our hearts and souls to each other. We laughed and we cried together. We discussed cultural differences and similarities. We analyzed ourselves, and looked at ways to improve on our weaknesses. We discussed strategies on how to become a more productive employee and being an effective team player.


In addition to all of that, it was a bonus and a very pleasant touch when Dr. Belcher came to speak with us and gave us a forum to ask her anything that we wanted too. This was the first time that I really saw who Jacqueline Belcher really is. On a normal workday we see a woman making a lot of difficult decisions in running this College. Well, Dr. Belcher took off her mask as well; she is a woman of outer and inner beauty, integrity, strength, kindness and really cares about the concerns of employees at GPC.


In ending I want to say to co-participants that I attended this conference withhowdy partnersmile.. This is a special connection that we still share.