Donald Pearl, Dean of Academic Affairs, Clarkston


One of the first tasks I had when I came to GPC to be chair for the Department of Science on the Clarkston Campus was to initiate the awarding of the Judy Johnston Memorial Scholarship. Judy, as you probably know, was a previous chair who died of cancer, and had been much respected and beloved by the department and the college community.


As part of the initial awarding of this scholarship, we arranged a small reception and dedication for a plaque that would bear the names of the award winners. My secretary at the time, Ms. Eunice Zoeckler, sent out invitations to a number of people who worked with Judy, but were not with the college any longer. She was also able to contact Judy’s family and invited them to the event as well. We, of course, invited the college community as well.


I was pleased with the large number of people who came to be part of that event and to share in honoring the memory of someone who had worked so hard for the college and our students. We had several members of the department who talked about Judy, and told stories about her and what she meant to them. We also had a display of pictures, and those who came were able to remember what life was like in the department while she was chair. It was a touching tribute to the legacy of a woman I never meet but whom I came to respect and admire through this event.