GPC STEM Faculty Mini-Grant Program

Office of STEM Initiatives

The GPC Faculty Mini-Grant Program provides financial support for faculty research-based projects that address challenges specific to the College mission and strategic plan; increase student learning; and, positively impact student performance in STEM courses.  Aligning with the goals of the Office of STEM Initiatives and the USG STEM Initiative II, proposals are especially encouraged in the area of improving STEM education in critical gate-keeping courses (MATH 1113, MATH 2431, CHEM 1211, CHEM 1212, etc.) as well as those courses considered gate-keeping in their respective programs of study.

The goal of the GPC Faculty Mini-Grant Program is to support faculty who engage in innovative research-based projects that:

  • Improve instructional delivery and educational outcomes

  • Enhance student learning experiences

  • Impact student performance

The overall objective is to increase by 10% the number of students who demonstrate satisfactory performance (A, B, C) in the overall course, on an educational unit, or course topical area.

AY 2015-2016 Request for Proposals

Mini-grants Awarded 2015-2016

Develop New Learning Materials and Strategies for Improving CHEM 1151 Course

Dutta, Antara, Janna Blum, Maureen Burkart and Maher Atteya

Efficacy of Online Homework Program over Traditional Homework in Fostering Student Achievement in General Chemistry Course

Dutta, Antara, Maureen Burkart and Glenn Nomura

Enhanced Astronomy/Earth Science Education using a Star Lab Mobile Planetarium

Guinn, James and Kathryn Hall

Just-in-time Algebraic Connections for Calculus

King, John, Chandra Breaux, John Beatty

Making Room for Nesting Brown Headed Nuthatches in Georgia

Lahaise, Diana and Mark Graves

Discover Life Research Interns

Lochamy, Jonathan, John Pickering and Illse Rickets

Chemistry Research Experience: Analysis of Water Samples and Extraction of Natural Products

Mativo, Vivian and Manuela Trani

Utilizing Readings in a Scientific Database as a Viable Substitute for a Textbook

Stewart, Dion, Bayard Stringer and Mary Ann Cullen

Physical Modeling to Enhance Student Visualization Skills in Chemistry

Strange deSoria, Luise and Vivian Mativo

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