Faculty Research

Office of STEM Initiatives

2011-2012 Faculty Mini-Grant Program Research Projects

Proposal Title Faculty
Peer Tutoring Queen Harris
Undergraduate Research by STEM Students at Snapfinger Creek Carmen Hall
Teaching Demonstration Videos for Principles of Chemistry II Amy Cook
Lecture Slides for Principles of Chemistry I & II Amy Cook
Introduction to Science Laboratory Bootcamp Ilse Rickets, JoAnne Lee-Joyner, Athertina Steinau
Identifying Students Misconceptions in Calculus I Benhaz Rouhani and Marjorie Lewkowicz
Fostering Meaningful Interaction in an Online College Algebra Course Kimberly Bennekin
Discover Life Research Interns Jonathan Lochamy
More Effective Resources: Better Results Allison Wolf
Physics Minilabs to Improve Lab Courses and Increase Student Engagement Alexis Nduwimana, Martin Okafor, Fred Buls
GPC Elementary Schools Mathematics Tournament Robert Koff

2010-2011 Faculty Mini-Grant Program Research Projects

Proposal Title Faculty
Clickers in the Mathematics Classroom – What is the Effect? Jeff Gutliph, Albert Lu, Susan Keith and Ashraful Chowdhury
Fostering Mathematical Discourse in Online College Algebra Courses Kimberly Bennekin
Increasing Student Success in Calculus Queen Harris
Math Tournament and Incorporating a Service Learning Component in the MATH 2008 Course (Math Game Night) Marjorie Lewkowicz and Bob Koff
The addition of a molecular modeling component to GPC's chemistry program - the STEM Spartan project Candice Campbell, David Jeffrey
Factors Affecting Enzyme Activity: Lactose Intolerance - A Lab for CHEM 1152L Mike Sakuta, Vivian Mativo
Chemistry 1151L Lab Assessment Mike Sakuta, Vivian Mativo, et al.
Lipids:  Determination of Fats in French Fries (CHEM 1152L) Mike Sakuta, Melissa Schoene et al.
Thin Layer Chromatography of Amino Acids  (CHEM 1152L) Mike Sakuta, Melissa Schoene, Sonha Payne
Laboratory Videos for Principles of Chemistry I (CHEM 1211L) Amy Cook
Evaluation of the American Chemical Society Paired Question Exams as an Assessment Tool in Principles of Chemistry (CHEM 1211-1212) and Organic Chemistry (CHEM 2641-2642) Peter Roessle, Candice Campbell, and Michael Nelson, Mike Sakuta, Amy Cook
Collaboration Between Mathematics, Engineering and Physics Martha Nega and Martin Okafor
Science Fair Academy Pamela Leggett-Robinson, Margaret Major,  Jay Terry, Joann Joyner
Google Earth Professional Learning Community Polly Bouker
What’s new at Arabia Mountain? Elizabeth Beckemeyer and Chad Hall