GPC STEM Faculty Mini-Grant Program

The Faculty Mini-Grant Program is in response to the University System of Georgia STEM Initiative II, whose goal is to increase the number of students enrolled in STEM degree programs and the number of teachers who are prepared to teach science and math in P-12.  GPC Faculty Mini-Grant Program provides funds to support research-based projects that increase student learning and positively impact student performance in STEM courses.

2012- 2013 Mini-grant Recipients

Fostering Meaningful Interaction in Online College Algebra Courses

Bennekin, Kimberly

Initiative to Improve Instruction in Infinite Series and Sequences

Collings, Ray and John Weber

Georgia Perimeter College Undergraduate Research in Astrophysics

Dunn, Jay and David Yenerall

Family Math Game Night

Lewkowicz, Marjorie

Discover Life Research Interns

Lochamy, Jonathan, John Pickering and Illse Rickets

Astronomy Outreach Program

Lomant, Susannah

Online Resource to Support Studentsí Mathematical Understanding

McGinnis, Diana and John Weber

Building a Case-based Introductory Biology Course for Improved Retention

Morrey, Erin, Jeff Mahr and Sheryl Shanholtzer

Diagnostic Prediction and Evaluation of Unprepared Students in CHEM 1211

Roessle, Peter and et al.

Identifying Students Misconceptions in Calculus I

Rouhani, Behnaz and Marjorie Lewkowicz

Camtasia Studio Installation

Sharma, Ramjee

More Effective Resources Better Results

Wolf, Allison, Kinnari Amin, Ashraful Chowdhury and Patricia Jayne



Post Award Seminar Slides - August 13, 2012

GPC STEM Mini-Grant Post Award Overview

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