Sign Language Interpreting Program

Earning CEUs - Lots of Ways to GO

Perimeter College at Georgia State University is an approved sponsor for RID's certificate maintenance program. We sponsor and co-sponsor workshops, process college course credits, approve and process participant initiated non RID activities (PINRAs), and work with members to design and execute independent studies.

CEUs for Workshops:  If you are organizing a workshop and want to offer CEUs to your participants you must plan ahead. Contact Melanie Lynn with your information to see if your workshop would qualify for CEUs. If you want us to sponsor your workshop for CEUs, we should be a part of your process from the beginning of your planning. Once we receive your request, we will send you a packet of information you need to fill out and a plan to follow to stay within the RID guidelines. We will also set an amount to charge for processing CEUs. Please note that we would need to have all information returned to us at least 60 days in advance of the event because it must be approved by GPC SLIP 45 days in advance of the event to obtain CEUs. After these deadlines, we would need to process CEUs as individual PINRAs. 

So, how can you earn CEUs in addition to going to sponsored workshops? First and foremost, plan ahead. Take a look at the list below to see your options. All activities except college courses must be approved PRIOR TO the beginning of the activity. You CANNOT get credit for workshops, PINRAs, or Independent Study activities in the past. See individual deadlines in the descriptions below.

PINRAs:  Workshops and conferences that are not offered by an RID approved sponsor may be viable educational activities for an interpreter. Collect information about the activity such as flyers, agendas, goals, descriptions and schedules. After making a copy for your records, submit them, along with a completed PINRA form via email to Melanie Lynn. She will review and contact you with questions or approval. When the activity is approved, send a hard copy of all necessary documents including the PINRA form and a check for $15.00 made payable to Melanie Lynn.  Contact Melanie for mailing address. (Must be received at least two weeks PRIOR to the activity.) Once you have completed the activity, you will email proof of attendance including the number of hours along with a copy of the original PINRA.  Please note that processing the CEUs by sponsors and the national office may take up to 60 days once all documents are received.

CEUs for College Credit:  It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.  Take a college credit course at an accredited (by CHEA) college or university.  Complete the Academic Coursework Activity Report, and send via email along with a copy of your grade report (C or better is required) and a course description.  Follow up with hard copies of the documents and a check for $15 payable to Melanie Lynn.  Contact Melanie for the mailing address.  Please note that language, interpreting and culture courses are considered as "professional studies."  Other courses would be processed as "general" studies unless justification is made to link the course content to the job of interpreting.  The sponsor administrator may ask you to provide written justification for the records.   Processing of the CEUs by sponsors and the national office may take up to 60 days. Courses for which you are asking CEUs must be completed within your current RID cycle.

Independent Study:  Want to create your own educational program? Design an independent study project. For this type of project contact Melanie Lynn to discuss details. Then, fill out an Independent Study Plan and submit it via email to Melanie Lynn.  We will review the plan, and make recommendations or give approval.  Next, send a check payable to Melanie Lynn for the agreed handling fee (generally $25-$45.00 depending on the project) along with a hard copy (signed) of the approved form.  This form and payment MUST be received at least two weeks PRIOR to beginning the project.  Contact Melanie for mailing address. At the completion of the project, submit the documents agreed upon to the same address and/or email.  Processing the CEUs by sponsors and the national office may take up to 60 days.

Getting CEUs for maintenance of your certificate is easy and relatively painless. Go for it!