Start time: 4:15

Jackie starts by welcoming everyone and introducing Mandy Stevens as former secretary and Jeffrey Bigger as former member at large

Jackie mentions registering to be a member as ITS; you can pay now or pay next week: Make checks payable to ITS; you can pay in cash but checks are preferred

Brandi- former 1st year VP; please ask all questions you may have throughout meeting as this will be an open format meeting

Brandi- first things first, if you need to know more about ITS check us out on the SLIP website (SLIP handbook) to find out how/where ITS is involved

September 18th elections for ITS office will take place- take the time to discuss and look into the positions if you are interested.  Brandi explains breakdown of offices- questions?

To become a member you must pay $25 fee- this covers two SLIP workshops as well

ITS Buddy Program: pairs 1st years with 2nd years; must meet for 1 hour and the meeting format is very open- we just want you to meet with your buddy to help them out; get form to Brandi by this weeks end so she can get everyone buddied up!

Deaf Awareness Week- last week in September? (Tuesday 25 and Thursday 27) Teach me ASL on campus

PRIDE: fundraiser for ITS (October 12-14)

Workshop October 20th or October 27th? Not sure date/topic yet

ASL Play- Jeffery Bigger is working on starting this and having it sometime in late Spring

Brandi asks if anyone has any ideas or suggestions

Discussion of upcoming workshops: Shoestrings; Weekend of Learning, Oct. 6th workshop

Discussion of lab hours-  first years ask can we extend them?

Open floor for discussion/questions

Brandi will pair the buddies as soon as she can get everyone’s information

Wrapping it up- Brandi will send out reminder e-mails; meetings will be 1st week and 3rd week

Quick introductions

Meeting ends 4:45