American Sign Language

Perimeter College’s American Sign Language recognizes the dignity and value of the Deaf community and the languages and communication modes used by its members. We affirm the legitimacy of ASL as a true language.

It is the goal of Perimeter College ASL classes to equip students by helping them gain an understanding of ASL and the cultural diversity within the Deaf community. We also seek to offer strong foundational skills in interpreting and professional conduct that will allow graduates to participate in the community, both locally and nationally, as allies and professionals.
Toward that end, the department seeks to:

•   Provide quality instruction in ASL, Deaf studies, and ASL/English interpretation to students from diverse backgrounds;

•   Create a rich learning environment combining classroom instruction, experiential and self-directed learning, and community involvement; and

•   Promote mutual involvement in the college, interpreting and Deaf communities

Our Program is the Proud
Recipient of the Sorenson VRS IEP
Award of Excellence