Women's Services


Some of the women's services offered at the clinic include wellness exams, breast health, pregnancy testing, sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment, and we also offer a wide range of family planning education.  If you have concerns or issues call our clinic at 678-891-4105 for an appointment.

We encourage all students to take the time to utilize the services at the Health Center to educated and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  As our mission states; we want to assist students in accessing health care, thereby strengthening students' success by promoting, maintaining, and improving student health.


Services Provided

Breast Exams

Information on Pap smears and routine pelvic exams

Read before coming

Annual Women's

Pap test

          Pregnancy testing and referrals


Screening, diagnosis and treatment

Genital Warts

STD Screening Information



Family Planning information

Nuva Ring

Birth Control Pills

Contraceptive Patch

Depo Provera

Emergency Contraceptive

Effectiveness of birth control


Click here for information on Irregular Periods