The Gynecological Exam:


  NOTE: PAP smears should be done when you are not menstruating. If you are on your menstrual period at the time scheduled for your PAP smear, please call to reschedule.

  You will be asked to provide a urine specimen before the exam. Please do not urinate immediately before coming to your appointment

  We will discuss problems you may have and/or issues related to contraception. All contraceptive options can be reviewed.

  A general exam will be performed to check your lungs, heart, thyroid, abdomen and breasts. 

  The pelvic exam will be done to obtain specimens for the PAP smear, assess for vaginal infections and/or STD's and check for any reproductive system abnormalities. It is best to have put nothing in the vagina for 3 days before this exam (no sex, no douching, no tampons).

  Prescriptions for contraception and for treatments for common gynecological problems will be provided.

  Blood tests may be done if indicated

  Expect to be at the Health Clinic for one hour if this is your first exam. Repeat yearly exams may take 30-45 minutes.