Student Affairs and Enrollment Services - Resources

Listed below are resources to familiarize you with policy and procedure in place to ensure your experiences at GPC are informed, productive and in keeping with the strategic goals of the college.  Review the information in the Student Handbook, camps and clinic manual, student activity fee and codes to understand all roles and responsibilities.  .   

Athletic Fee FY15 Budget

Facilities Usage

Free Expression Policy & Locations

GPC Sports Camps and Clinics Manual

New Funding Request

OCGA Open Meetings Manual Jan 2013

Public Safety Request Form

Reallocation Form

Student Activity Fee FY16 Budget

SAFFY15 Mid-Year Reserve Budget

Student Activity Fee Financial Code 2014-2015

Student Guidebook 2014-2015

Student Health Center FY15 Budget

Technology Fee Handbook FY15


Procedures and Forms - Student Stipends

Employee Additional Pay

Payment Request Form

Per Diem Form

Procedures for Submitting Stipends

Stipend Request Form

W-9 Form


Previous Editions

Athletic Fee FY14 Budget

Athletic Fee 2012-2013 Budget

Athletic Fee 2011-2012 Budget

Student Activity Fee Financial Code 2012-2013

Student Activity Fee Financial Code 2011-2012

Student Activity Fee Financial Code 2010-2011

Student Activity Fee FY15 Budget

Student Activity Fee FY14 Budget

Student Activity Fee FY13 Budget

SAFFY14 Mid-Year Reserve Budget

Student Activity Fee 2010-2011

Student Health Center FY14 Budget

Student Guidebook 2012-2013

Technology Fee FY2013-2014

Technology Fee Handbook FY2014 Phase II