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Third Party Contract Payments to Student Accounts

A Third Party Billing arrangement is when an approved company or organization will be responsible for paying all or part of a student’s semester charges.  GPC requires a “Billing Authorization” from the company or organization in order to set up a Third Party Contract.

The following guidelines are required for Georgia Perimeter College (GPC) to accept authorizations or vouchers from Third-Party Sponsors.  The words vouchers and authorizations are used interchangeably; they refer to the same documents. 

For purposes of these guidelines, a Third Party Sponsor is an organization generally recognized as being either a company (profit or nonprofit), church, governmental agency, U.S. military, foreign embassy, or U.S. trust fund.  Private individuals (i.e., aunt, uncle, grandparents, etc.) are not considered Third Party Sponsors. 

  1. Third Party vouchers are only accepted on a non-contingency basis.  This is in accordance with the University System of Georgia Board of Regents Policy found in Section 704.03 of the Board of Regents Policy Manual:  “all tuition and fees (mandatory and elective fees) are due and payable upon registration.  Exceptions to the time of payment are as follows:  1.  An institution may defer tuition and fees up to the amount authorized for a specific academic term for students whose fees are guaranteed and will be paid by an outside agency under a documented agreement with the institution.”  (italics added)  Some examples of contingencies are (a) the student must be enrolled in only the classes listed on the voucher; (b) the student must be in attendance for ___ number (fill in the blank) of days; (c) the sponsor will only pay what financial aid does not pay; (d) the sponsor will only pay if the student makes a passing grade, or a grade of ‘C’ or better.
  2. Once accepted, the voucher cannot be canceled without prior written approval from GPC.  If a voucher is canceled, for whatever reason, without prior written approval from GPC, then all future vouchers from the canceling sponsor will not be accepted, including vouchers issued in the semester they are canceled. 
  3. Third Party Sponsor vouchers should include the name and contact information (phone/fax numbers, email address, etc.) of a contact person for the sponsor.  The contact person should be someone with authority to rule on issues involving the vouchers.
  4. Vouchers must be submitted to Student Accounts before the payment due date.  Due to volume of transactions and other last minute processing activities, GPC cannot guarantee processing of vouchers, and thus, the prevention of students from losing classes due to nonpayment, if vouchers are submitted on the payment due date.  Purge for nonpayment usually occurs at 5:00PM on the day of, and there may not be enough time to process vouchers before then.
  5. Vouchers can be dropped off at any GPC Student Accounts office; or they can be mailed to:  3251 Panthersville Rd, ATTN: Student Accounts, Decatur, GA 30034; or emailed to the Third-Party Accountant.  We will also accept a fax at 678.891.3529.
  6. Vouchers must contain the student’s name, GPC ID number, the semester, amount and description (i.e., tuition, fees, books and supplies, etc.) of charges covered.  For more information about our tuition and fees, please refer to our tuition and fees web page.
  7. Invoices are prepared and submitted (via U.S. mail and/or email) at the beginning of each semester.  Where possible, and if we think it is warranted, we will confirm receipt of our invoice. 
  8. Invoice preparation usually begins at the end of the Add/Drop period.  Add/Drop is normally the first two days of classes at the beginning of each semester.
  9. The charges billed will not exceed the amounts and descriptions authorized by the voucher. 
  10. A copy of the voucher will be attached to each invoice. 
  11. Invoices are due and payable upon receipt.
  12. Invoices not paid in accordance with the terms of the authorization may result in GPC not honoring future vouchers, and will subject the student to collections.
  13. Nonpayment of an invoice will result in a permanent lost of privileges of the Sponsor to submit subsequent vouchers, and a student to lose classes due to nonpayment.
  14. Each invoice is prepared with the name and phone number of a GPC Student Accounts contact person.  Invoices should not be adjusted without prior discussion and approval from GPC Student Accounts.
  15. These are general guidelines and requirements, and are not meant to be all inclusive.  Final acceptance of a voucher must be approved by the Student Accounts Office.
  16. For questions about these Third Party Sponsors guidelines and procedures, please contact Bruce Stuart in the Student Accounts Office by emailing