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Georgia Perimeter College offers 2 different military waivers depending on eligibility.


Eligibility: U.S. Military Reserve and Georgia National Guard Combat Veterans

This fee waiver is eligible to those students who are Georgia residents and are active members of the U.S. Military Reserves and/or the Georgia National Guard and were deployed oversees for active service in a location or locations designated by the Department of Defense as combat zones on or after September 11, 2001 and:

• served a consecutive period of 181 days; or

• received full disability as a result of injuries received in such combat zone while on active service; or

• were evacuated from a combat zone due to severe injuries suffered during any time while on active service.

If you are eligible for this waiver, please complete this form and return to your campus Enrollment and Registration Services office.


Eligibility: Active Military Students  

Individuals who are currently serving full‐time on active duty in a branch of the armed forces of the United States are eligible to request an exemption of the Special Institutional Fee.


The following students are eligible:

• Members of the United States Reserve Components serving on active duty or full‐time training duty

• Members of the Georgia National Guard who are employed full‐time by the Georgia National Guard

• Members of the Georgia National Guard who have been called into active service by the Governor of State


To request a fee waiver the military member must submit one of the following to your campus Enrollment and Registration Services office:

• A military ID card showing active duty status

• Letter or preprinted form completed by the Commanding Officer verifying full‐time active duty status

• Copy of orders verifying current active duty status

• Copy of Enlisted Record Brief (ERB)


This waiver is subject to review annually, eligible active duty members must submit documentation annually. This waiver is effective for students enrolling Fall 2012.


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