GPC Kinesiology and Health Class Photos


            PERSONAL TRAINER I - Instructor Natalie Stickney


Personal training students training Donya Little's class of weight training students.


            PERSONAL TRAINER I - Instructor Sarah Callaghan


                                                                               CHOICES 1101 - Instructor Carolyn Cornelison



                                                                  Students from GPC Dunwoody Choices classes planted 24 fringe trees

                                                                  on campus as part of their understanding of environmental wellness.

                                                                  Trees included persimmons, dogwoods, and china snow.


              JOGGING 1063 and FITNESS WALKING 1061 - Instructor Donya Little


    YOGA/PILATES 1070 - Instructor Natalie Leach

Yoga Pilates class photo one


Yoga Pilates class photo two


Yoga Pilates class photo three


Yoga Pilates class photo four






                         GOLF 1031 - Instructor Anthony Serpico

golf class photo one


golf class photo two


golf class photo three


golf class photo four


    BADMINTON 1019 - Instructor Sandra Wright

badminton class photo one


badminton class photo two


badminton class photo three


badminton class photo four


         TENNIS 1038 - Instructor Scott Galloway


tennis class photo one


tennis class photo two


tennis class photo three


tennis class photo four


   MODERN DANCE 1042 - Instructor Kristi Petty

modern dance class photo one   modern dance class photo two
  modern dance class photo four
                 BADMINTON 1019 - Instructor Chandler Deas