PHED 1065

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Catalog Description

This course is designed to acquaint students with the proper fundamentals and techniques utilized in a weight training program.  It also covers proper care and utilization of equipment involved, and the importance of safety.  Students are given information regarding the use of weight training in a well-rounded fitness program.


Weight Training for Life by James L. Hesson, Morton Publishing Company (newest edition)

Expected Educational Results

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  1.  Assess their strength levels
  2.  Demonstrate the proper fundamentals and techniques of weight training using a variety of designated lifts
  3.  Explain terminology, use of equipment, muscle structure and training principles
  4.  Identify the proper progression of exercise
  5.  Discuss the role of weight training in a well-rounded physical fitness program
  6.  Plan and execute a correct and appropriate weight training program

General Education Outcomes

I.  This course addresses General Education Outcome number nine “to apply the basic concepts of health and

     wellness and utilize activities to promote health and fitness”.

Course Content

  1.  Safety
  2.  Proper use and care of equipment
  3.  Supplemental activities and related fitness components
  4.  Pre- and Post-Testing
  5.  Exercises for specific muscles
  6.  Terminology
  7.  Different routines for different results
  8.  Progressive Resistance Exercise Program
  9.  Write weight training program
10. Maintain progress charts