PHED 1031

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This course is designed to teach students the fundamental skills and rules of golf in order for them to become participants and knowledgeable spectators for this lifetime individual activity. The course is also designed to allow students the opportunity to exercise while participating in activity that is not only fun, but also very social and people-oriented.  More specifically, the course covers the following skills: the grips, stance, set up, full - half - quarter swing (irons and woods), chipping, pitching, putting, and playing in the sand. Furthermore, the class will obtain a knowledge structure for golf etiquette and course safety. 


Skill Building for Beginning Golf by Rhonda Folio and Robert W. Nichols, Allyn and Bacon publishers (newest edition)

Expected Educational Results

As a result of successfully completing this course, the student will able to:

1. Execute the following skills: full, half, quarter swing strokes, chipping, pitching, and putting
2. Describe the basic rules of golf as well as the rules of etiquette
3. Illustrate proper club selection and course management skills
4. Improve their cardiorespiratory fitness level

General Education Outcomes

I. This course addresses General Education Outcome number nine “to apply the basic concepts of health and

   wellness and utilize activities to promote health and fitness”.

Course Content

1. History
2. Description of game
3. Equipment
4. Rules/Regulations/Etiquette
5. Course Management Skills (ex. reading greens)
6. Club selection
7. Skills
     Full swing with irons and woods Pitching
     Half swing with irons and woods Chipping
     Quarter swing with irons and woods Putting
     Sand shots
8. Cardiorespiratory Activities
9. Pre and post testing for cardiorespiratory endurance