PHED 1011

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This course is a team activity designed to teach students basic individual and team skills. Students will learn the basic kicking, dribbling, and passing techniques, individual technique and small group tactics along with team tactics.  Students will also learn the rules of the game, basic strategies of team soccer and the history of soccer. 


Soccer by Stephen Negolsco, Brown and Benchmark publishers (newest edition)

Expected Educational Results

As a result of successfully completing this course, the student will able to:

1. Identify how soccer evolved
2. Explain the rules of soccer
3. Perform the following skills: trapping, dribbling, kicking, passing
. Explain and participate in offensive and defensive strategies
5. Improve their cardiorespiratory fitness level

General Education Outcomes

I. This course addresses General Education Outcome number nine “to apply the basic concepts of health and

   wellness and utilize activities to promote health and fitness”.

Course Content

1. History of Soccer
2. Rules and Scoring
3. Individual Skill Technique
4. Positions and Responsibilities
5. Individual Tactics
6. Group Tactics
7. Team Tactics- Offensive and Defensive
8. Cardiorespiratory Activities
9. Pre and post testing for cardiorespiratory endurance