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Health and Physical Education is the study of healthy living and movement patterns related to fitness and physical activities.



Degree Programs

Associate of Science (AS) Degree Kinesiology and Health

Associate of Science (AS) Degree in Personal Trainer

Associate of Science (AS) Degree in Sports Management

Joint Venture with Kinesiology and Health and Business Departments




GPC Kinesiology and Health Instructor


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Become a


Personal Trainer

and start your career in


less than a year!


GPC has partnered with ACE (American Council on Exercise) to offer Personal Trainer classes.

For more information, please contact the GPC Kinesiology and Health Department

at 770-274-5040 or email bonnie.young@gpc.edu






Online Kinesiology & Health Club Webinar


What can students "DO" with a Kinesiology & Health AS degree... and how to get there!























Thursday, April 23 at 7 - 8 PM



Bb Collaborate Meeting Room















Presented by GPC Kinesiology & Health Faculty

Nicole Lynch, Ph.D. & Elaine Bryan, M.S.







Starting October 1, 2014

GPC is a Tobacco-free Campus