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GPC Current Staff Hardware Recommendations & Standard devices (desktop/laptop/printer)

Desktop Systems

DELL Optiplex 7010

(Standard desktop or All in One unit)

 see picture




Laptop Systems

Dell Latitude 6430 + nodock(14.1" screen)



Dell Latitude 6530 + nodock (15" screen)



Dell Latitude 6430 + dock included  (14.1" screen)



Dell Latitude 6530 + dock included  (15" screen)



Dell Latitude Netbook (10.1" screen)



Apple MacBooks

Please contact Servicedesk to request quote






Apple iPads  - 

 Please contact Servicedesk to request quote





Printer systems






Departmental Color Laser




HP Laser M551dn (low volume), view



HP CP4525 (high Volume), view


Departmental BW Laser



  HP LJ M401dne (Low Volume), view  


HP LJ M603dn (high Volume), view




Departmental Multi-Function BW Laser



  HP Laser M525dn (high volume), view



HP Office Jet Pro X476  (multifunction),  view


Departmental Multi-Function Color Laser    
  HP Laser M475 (low volume), view  
  HP Laser M1212nf  (multifunction),  view


Data Backup Standard

Standard's Documentation

Recommended Device Quotes


Data Backup Standards Recommendation

Portable External HDD (320 GB)

Desktop External HDD (500GB)

Portable External HDD (1TB)

Free Agent Go Installation

Create simple backup (video)



Lost or Stolen Equipment

Technology Purchase Process

Lost or Stolen Equipment

If technology equipment is lost or stolen ie; laptop, netbook, macbook, pc, etc

·         Notify Public Safety immediately  – file a police report.

·         Notify Technology Service Desk – OIT (create iServe ticket for tracking)

·         Notify Logistical Services to report loss/stolen equipment – include the police report. 

Replacing Lost or Stolen Equipment

·         Logistical Services will file an insurance claim for the lost/stolen equipment.  A minimum of $1000.00 deductible will apply to the claim to be paid by the college (dept)

·         A replacement unit can be purchased by the dept.  (see technology purchases)

·         Upon insurance claim payment – the department will be reimbursed minus the $1000.00 deductible 

*** In the event that a loaner unit is required.  A used or redeploy unit can be issued. (subject to availability)

Contact information:

Public Safety:  Non Emergency (770.274.5500), Emergency (770.274.5511)

Logistical Services:  James Barnaby, 678.891.3326

Technology Servicedesk:  678.891.3460, OIT Administration (770.891.2635)



·         If you are purchasing technology with the use of a P-Card - Please review documentation from your pcard training or contact purchasing for approved/not approved use.

eProcurement (expected steps)

·         If you are using the purchase order process, please review steps below

1.      Submit the technology items for purchase into the eProcurement system

2.      OIT will receive approval request and will assign and EDP# to approved requests.

3.      A purchase order (PO) is generated to vendor.

4.      Shipment delivered - Central Receiving.

5.      If technology item is a computer system - It will be delivered to campus technology group for configuration.  All other items delivered directly to purchaser.

6.      An iServe ticket is generated by the campus technician in order for customer to track status of equipment configuration.

 Reference url : Logistical services : Purchase Card : Purchase Orders


If you require a technology purchase outside of the recommended standard equipment or software please place a request with the GPC Technology Service Desk for a consultation.




PC Equipment Upgrade Schedules - FY14


Student - Instructional & public areas




Staff PC Equipment Deployment  - Standard Equipment Package & Descriptions


Laptop/Dock setup package
• Standard Laptop/docking Unit (current standard model)
• 1 - 20” LCD Monitor
• Standard USB Keyboard/ Optical Mouse
• Speaker bar
• Printer/Copier/Scanner combo (current standard model)

PC Desktop setup package
• Dell Optiplex Minitower
• 20” LCD Monitor
• Standard USB Keyboard/ Optical Mouse
• Speaker bar
• Printer/Copier/Scanner combo (current standard model)

Optional items
• Macbook Pro or iMac
• Netbook
• Add'l 20" LCD Monitor
• Netbook
• Optional; Printer/Copier/Scanner



Group Equipment Distribution

[Executive Team – Defined as the Presidents’ Cabinet]
(Laptop/Dock setup package)

[Administrative Professional – Defined as VP’s, AVP’s, Deans, Dept Directors]
(Laptop/Dock setup)

[Administrative Secretary – Defined as Executive/Admin Assistants to VP’s, AVP’s, Deans, Dept Directors]
(PC Desktop setup)

[Faculty FT – (Tenured track, including Chairs)]
(Laptop/Dock setup)

[Faculty PT – (adjuncts, and term/term)]
(Redeploy PC Desktop setup)

[Staff FT (mobile) – Defined as Admin or Support staff who’s responsibility requires mobility
beyond an assigned single location.]
(Laptop/Dock setup)

[Staff FT (non mobile) – Defined as Admin or Support staff who’s responsibility requires work at
an assigned single location.]
(PC Desktop setup)

[Non Critical (FT/PT) – Defined as Staff/Student Asst. positions working in non critical roles]
(Redeploy PC Desktop setup)

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