GPC Nursing-Mission Statement


The Department of Nursing at Georgia Perimeter College will be recognized as a premier leader in educating students within an invitational, learner-centered environment supported by evidence- based principles.


The mission of the Department of Nursing at Georgia Perimeter College is to equip graduates to provide the highest quality of patient-centered care while facilitating life-long learning and professional advancement.



Georgia Perimeter College Department of Nursing is committed to cultivating an educational environment of leadership, professionalism, civility, cultural sensitivity, and holism.  We, the faculty, believe nursing to be an art, a science, and a caring profession which encompasses the promotion of health, healing, and hope.  Optimal health is a dynamic balance of physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual health within diverse populations and settings across the lifespan.

The educational experience involves a collaborative partnership between the teacher and student to facilitate a level of learning consistent with the integration of evidence-based practice and sound nursing judgment.  As a result of this partnership, effective learning occurs through meaningful, relevant, and multi-faceted learning experiences allowing students to analyze and apply conceptual knowledge in diverse environments.

Nursing education nurtures student success through teaching excellence, academic advisement, mentoring, and role-modeling.  The nursing program prepares graduates to provide safe, effective, competent, and holistic care.  Life-long learning and professional development are integral parts of nursing education, beginning at the entry level and continuing throughout the nurse’s professional career. 



The expected outcomes of the Department of Nursing are to prepare graduates who are able to practice nursing in settings where healthcare and wellness are the focus by:

Demonstrating clinical competence when providing safe and effective nursing care to clients in diverse healthcare settings.

Applying the nursing process in the provision of culturally competent and cost effective nursing care.

Adhering to ethical, legal, and professional standards of nursing practice.

Utilizing critical thinking and decision making in the provision of client care across the lifespan

Collaborating with other healthcare professional to provide holistic care along the Health-Illness continuum

Using effective and therapeutic communication to foster caring and trusting relationships.

Employing prioritization and delegation strategies to plan, implement, and evaluate nursing care.

Engaging in life-long learning to enhance professional growth and development.