Nursing Alumni Association


The Georgia Perimeter College Nursing Alumni Association (GPCNAA) came into existence when the first slate of Officers and Board members was elected at the Alumni Luncheon in January 2000.  Since then, the Association has worked diligently to be of service, support and encouragement to GPC and in particular the Nursing Program and its many students.  Members meet the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm and all interested parties are welcome to attend.  Please contact Jeff Tarnowski, Vice President for Institutional Advancement at Georgia Perimeter College for details.



President Melinda Mock '72
Vice President Greg Hinesley '72
Past President Mary Ann Traina '74
Treasurer Jim Dodds '72
Secretary Linda Hodges '81
Directors Joe Champman '87
  Laura Mitchell '87
  Ruth Tamayo '74
  Brendolyn Tarver '79


Fund Raising and Scholarship Fund Support

At an annual dinner event, a raffle is held and all proceeds go into the Nursing Alumni Association Scholarship Fund.  One worthy Nursing student will receive a $500 scholarship each year.  Any monies donated over the $20 annual membership fee and all specifically directed donations, go directly into the GPCNAA Scholarship Fund.  Additionally, at each monthly Board meeting and at the annual dinner event, board members collect their "pocket change".  This "pocket change" is then donated to the Scholarship Fund at the end of the year.  Amazingly, the "pocket change" adds up to hundreds of dollars.


Opportunities for Participation and Service

Members have the opportunity to participate in many events and activities.


Invitation to become a GPCNAA Member

Members are our most important assest.  GPCNAA needs your continued support and commitment.  We invite you to join us in our work of service, support and encouragement for those who are following in our professional path.  Please contact Jeff Tarnowski and we will get back to you STAT, PDQ and ASAP.