Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a waiting list?

No.  A waiting list is not kept.  Any applicant not admitted, or accepted students who decide not to enter the program, may update their application, in writing, the succeeding semester, but will be considered according to the same criteria.


What nursing degree programs are offered at GPC?

The Associate of Science degree for the Registered Nurse is offered.  Georgia Perimeter College Department of Nursing has articulation agreements with state schools which offer a progression from Associate degrees to the Bachelor degrees.  Other articulation agreements include a progression from Associate to a Masters degree.  To receive information about these programs, please contact the schools who offer the higher degree.


How long is the nursing program?

Four semesters.  This does not include the time it takes students to complete the Nursing General Education courses.  Some nursing courses are offered in the summer to accelerate the program.


What is the difference between the Associate Degree nursing program at GPC and a Bachelor of Science degree program at a four-year institution?

Unlike most Bachelor of Science programs, the Associate degree program at GPC does not require the completion of advance theory courses.  The program takes less time to complete yet still prepares students to take the NCLEX examination for registered nurses.


Will I have the same career opportunities with an Associate degree in Nursing, as I would if I completed a Bachelor of Science degree?

You can still become a registered nurse, but without the Bachelor of Science degree you will not be able to obtain an administrative position in nursing.  You will also need a Masters to teach or specialize.


Will I need to complete all 35 hours of General Education courses before I can apply to the Nursing Program?

No, although you are strongly encouraged to complete all requirements prior to starting the Nursing Program. You need to complete at least one of the following courses; BIOL 1611 w/lab, 1612 w/lab, or 1913 w/lab before applying to the Nursing Program. 



How do I registered to take the TEAS?

Contact ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute) at to schedule the exam.

Does the TEAS exam expire?

Georgia Perimeter College Department of Nursing requires the TEAS to be less than two years old.  Other schools may have different requirements.


If I do not pass the TEAS the first time, can I take again?

Yes.  However, the Admission and Progression Committee does take into consideration for admission the number of attempts at the TEAS V and only recognize the first two attempts. If you are unsuccessful during the first two attempts you will not be considered for our nursing program until two years after the second attempt.  TEAS V exams are good for two years.



Can I work full-time during the day and take my nursing courses in the evening?

No.  Classes and clinical experiences under the Professional Curriculum occur on varying days and times of the week.