Student Dress Requirements

Shepherd Center

Faculty Information:

          No documents to complete, but must assist in student(s) completing their packets

Student Information:

  1. Read and complete the Student Information Packet
  2. Complete Medication Form (1 Page)
    1. List all Medication, if you have none to be listed write N/A on the first line. Sign and Date
  3. Forms to take to your Employee Health appointment: Authorization or Refusal for Recombivax-HB Vaccine, Tuberculosis Screening, TST signature page
  4. Faculty MUST (Not Student):
    1. Contact Glenn Prescott three weeks prior to clinical start date @ 404-350-7340 to establish students' security Access log-in
    2. Contact Dot Jones three weeks prior to clinical start date @ 404-350-7630 to schedule students'
      • Physical
      • Drug Screening
      • Background Check - Bring Current Driver’s License & Social Security Card to appointment

Students will not be allowed to start clinical until cleared by Employee Health at Shepherd’s!

  1. Medical Documents that must be submitted with your clinical paperwork:
    1. Front and back copy of your current CPR card

i.      PPD: Negative PPD: Negative PPD within 90days   

                                                                 i.    If your PPD is older than 90 days you must have another PPD done and submitted with your clinical paperwork

                                                                ii.    Contact your health care provider or GPC clinic @ 678-891-4105


Positive PPD: Either Chest X-ray or radiology report within the last 12  months OR Quantiferon: Must be negative result

ii.    Proof of tetanus immunization

iii.  Proof of Varicella or titer value report

iv.  Proof of two MMR immunization or titer value report

v.   Proof of three Hepatitis B immunization or titer value report

vi.  Proof of Flu Immunization for current year 


Document Checklist

Notice Regarding Background Investigation (1 Page)

Volunteers & Students/Interns Health History and Screening (3 Pages)

Medication Form (1 Page)

Medical documents (listed above)

Front and back copy of your current CPR Card