Student Dress Requirements

Gwinnett Medical Center

 All students will need to have ID Badges made with both their photo and name on them. Unfortunately, with this change, the cost of the badge will go up to $10, however $5 will be returned at the end of their course (We have put a lot of thought into this process and regret that the cost of the badges had to go up because of the increase cost of supplies we must use). Should a student lose a badge the price to replace the badge will stay the same, i.e. at $25 a nonrefundable fee.

Instructors will need to have a picture GMC ID Badge as well. Instructor badges are still going to be free, unless a badge is lost. For a lost badge, it will also cost the instructor $25 to replace their badge. Note all old badges will be turned off in the middle of August, so this information affects everyone coming on campus after that date. More information may follow this updated information.

Either your picture can be taken at the Public Safety department or if you have jpeg photos with your instructor/student picture and name on we will see if we can use those to expedite the processing of the badges.

ID Badges can be obtained from the Public Safety Department (badge office) Monday- Thursday, 7:30am-4:00pm, Friday, 7:30-1:00pm. Before coming to have a badge made or to pick a badge up, please call 678-312-4057 or email Matt Shafer,, and let him know what time you will be coming. 


Student Orientation Requirements:

Students and Instructors please follow the directions on this page carefully.

Steps #1 through #3: pertain to both students and their instructor. Step #4: students follow the directions in the table to complete orientation materials.

Step 1:

Requesting Placement

Step 2:

Drug Screen and Complete Background Check Requirements

Step 3:

Orientation Requirements

(not the midlevel orientation) Step 4:

Completion of Paperwork (complete both forms for #1- for the

Board of Regents? Schools, #2- Id badge, and all forms for #4)


Faculty Information:


 2014-2015 Influenza Policy****(New 6/30/2014)

1.      We will need flu shot documentation for students before they start, if their experience occurs between November 1, 2014 and March 31st, 2015. Please send their flu shot documentation with their placement requirements.

NOTE: If your Fall semester students start in any of the following months Aug/Sept/Oct and continue their experience into November or longer, we would also need their flu shot documentation sent with their placement requirements.


Please make sure all forms on Gwinnett Medical Center has been completed in plenty of time before the start of clinicals:

a. Drug and background cleared; (employee students may contact HR for Letter of Verification of Employment, i.e. covers them for drug and background requirements and orientation materials -- however they would need glucose and OR Protocol training if not received as employee.)

b. Log completely filled out and requirements checked off with instructor signature at the bottom (handwritten or electronic);

c. Student Release Form (signed/witnessed);

d. Student Training Agreement (signed/witnessed); and

e. Faculty Supervision Form (signed/witnessed). one/instructor per year.


Contact Linda Horst for any questions


Instructor Nursing - Annual Renewal Document

Instructor Nursing - New Document