Student Dress Requirements

Georgia Regional Hospital Clinical Requirements for Faculty and Students:

No local police department background checks will be accepted. As of 1/10/14, Georgia Regional will not accept any kind of background report from any student. Georgia Regional Hospital policy states that our facility will conduct a background check on all students in this manner:

All students will complete an Employee personal data/Cogent registration form and a consent form (click title of forms for the form). Once these two forms are completed please email Lawsey S. Thomas Sr.
 or mail the forms to the address below (but emailing is best). Your submission will be check and verify that the forms are completed properly then send them to the HR department. Once Georgia Regional HR department has the forms, they will then register student in the Cogent system to have fingerprinting done. After students are registered, an appointment with HR department will be scheduled; faculty will be emailed of the date and time for their meeting with HR. On the appointment date, students will come to Georgia Regional hospital escorted by faculty, meet with HR, and HR will give them a location for them to have fingerprinting done.

The students will then have to go to the location that was provided and have their fingerprints taken. HR department will get the background report and email Georgia Regional confirmation of who was cleared. We will email the faculty member letting them know what students have been cleared.

Students are not allowed to come to Georgia Regional with schedule an appointment and Georgia Regional personnel allow no students on campus without prior approval. This process takes six weeks, so do not delay in getting initial forms in.

Lawsey S. Thomas Sr.
Training Program Administrator
Georgia Regional Hospital Atlanta
Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities
404-212-4750 (Office)

You will wear you GPC ID and your name tag on a daily basis: GRH will not issue you a ID.  Please complete the following instructions:


1. Obtain a color copy of your Driver's License

2. Complete HIPAA Employee Acknowledgement Form