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Faculty Corner: Forms and information for faculty and clinical instructors.

Includes "Faculty Update Manual," orientation requirements, placement process, guidelines, and class schedules.

Forms: Includes request forms, credentialing guidelines, agreement forms, orientation checklists, badge/parking information, and health screen requirements. Please note that effective January 1, all students and instructors will be required to have a 1-time TDap dose.  (See #4 on New Exhibit C Health Screen Requirements Form, here).  This replaces the previous guidelines permitting Td booster or Tdap, and it may affect oncoming/current students who are mid-year and have not yet received the Tdap.  The new guidelines coincide with current implementation of these same health screen requirements for employees and volunteers.

Core Orientation Materials: These modules are considered self-directed learning and accompany the "Pre-Clinical Orientation Checklist." Answer sheets are provided for modules that have pre/post assessment tests.

Faculty Only:

Faculty Update Manual

Faculty Update Presentation

Greetings, Schools of Nursing!
Please note the following changes to the Children's student badges and parking processes, effective immediately (New* 6/04/2013*): A new badge process is ongoing which is currently impacting employees/physicians/volunteers. For right now, follow the information below; information will be updated as soon as the process starts impacting faculty/students (If any student or faculty/instructor badges inadvertently get deactivated during this transition and do not work in the main patient areas and/or parking decks, faculty may contact the campus-based Security Dept to reactivate the badge(s). There is a little computer-generated # on the back of the badge (near the bar scan) that is the badge identifier give that # to Security, and they will reactivate.):
         Student & Instructor Badges are no longer being created & picked up at the Tullie HR Front Desk.  New location is in the Tullie Office Park Security Department, Tullie 1680 Building.
         Student & Instructor Badge requests are to be submitted to Tullie Office Park Security using the updated Badge Request Form.  Requests without an authorized faculty or Children's representative signature will not be accepted.
         Student & Faculty Parking:  Bruce Byrd is now the contact for Egleston Parking & Transportation.
See attached guidelines for Student/Faculty Badges & Parking reflecting these changes.  Updated Badge Request Form is also attached, which now routes to Tullie Office Park Security Department when submitted electronically.  The Children's Faculty/Student website have these updated guidelines and request form available now.

 (New* 07/30/2013**for  faculty only) EPIC 3-day class series track for August as follows:

Monday August 12th from 7:30am to 4:30pm

Wednesday August 14th from 7:30am to 2pm

Thursday August 15th from 7:30am to 1:30pm


Monday August 26th from 7:30am to 4:30pm

Wednesday August 28th from 7:30am to 2pm

Thursday August 29th from 7:30am to 1:30pm