Atlanta Medical Center's Clinical Requirements (for both Faculty and Students):

Directions:  Make sure you have completed everything below.

Health requirements-Copies of documents need to be submitted to instructor

1.     MMR and Rubella immunity-Rubella immunity by positive antibody titers

2.     Varicella immunity

3.     PPD within last 12 months or x-ray as indicated

4.     Hepatitis B

5.     Influenza vaccine   

Other requirements-Copies of documents need to be submitted to instructor

1.     Current CPR

2.     Copy of certificate that student has completed the Atlanta Medical Center HIPAA test

3.     Atlanta Medical Center Orientation test answer sheet 

The student needs to submit the following directly to Atlanta Medical Center

1.     Criminal Background Check and Drug Screen through the Advantage Program


    Clinical Requirements Forms

    Student Clinical Guidelines

    HIPPA Training Forms