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Reading Resources

drawing of a book opened for reading

  • Online Reading Exercises to accompany reading and vocabulary texts from Townsend Press

  • 45 Cartoon Videos on Introduction to Reading Skills (McGraw-Hill Education)

  • Cengage Learning/Houghton Mifflin Online Study Center ACE Reading Practice

  • Interlink Language Centers:  Reading Exercises

  • Vocabulary building with Vocab Test

  • RFU Card Link from Santa Monica College (California)

  • Online reading improvement video from Dartmouth College

  • Vocabulary Building from Capital Community College Foundation (Connecticut)

  • Pronunciation Guide and Dictionary from Merriam-Webster. Listen to a word being pronounced. 

  • Spelling Guide from Capital Community College Foundation (Connecticut)

  • English idioms and proverbs

  • and 

  • Speed reading tips from Dennis Doyle of Glendale Community College (California)

  • Online activities for ESL students