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ESL Resources

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Links for ESL Students

  • Visit Dave's ESL Cafe
  • Purdue OWL handouts and exercises for ESL students
  • Go on  a Grammar Safari at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Activities for ESL students from The Internet TESL Journal
  • VOA News has Special English segments to assist people learning American English. A script and matching audio broadcast file are available for many programs.
  • ESL Grammar Exercises

  • Visit English Grammar 4 U Online and try the "Study English" section for grammar rules and follow-up practice exercises.
  • Grammar Quizzes: This site is primarily for advanced ESL speakers; it includes very detailed explanations, diagnostic tests, and numerous practices for verb tense, modals, gerunds and infinitives, noun clauses, articles, etc. Material is sorted by level.
  • Learning English Online: Information on this site is thematically grouped so students looking for help on certain topics can go right to their particular areas of interest.
  • Longman's Online Contemporary English Dictionary: This useful online dictionary for ESL speakers includes thorough selection and explanations of idiomatic usage and phrasal usage.
  • Dartmouth Writing Program: This site provides useful background information for both tutors and ESL students.
  • ESL Pronunciation Exercises

  • American English Pronunciation Practice: Try these listen and repeat links to learn more about sentence and word stress and the differences between noun and verb forms of the same word or words with similar spellings.
  • American Stories for English Readers: Read along while the narrator reads selections from the "American Stories for English Learners" section of the site.
  • Practicing Pronunciation Through Proverbs: This resource provides a creative approach to helping ESL students develop speaking and listening skills.
  • English with Stacy: These instructional videos by an ESL teacher cover pronunciation (especially intonation and stress) and listening, including the difference between how a word in English should sound and how it actually sounds.
  • Randall's ESL Cafe provides an abundance of opportunities to practice. Material is sorted by topic and level.
  • Visit this site for links to online versions of US and worldwide newspapers.
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