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 Communications Handouts 

Active and Passive Voice
Analyzing a Play
Analyzing Fiction
Analyzing Poetry
Annotated Bibliography
APA Reference Types
APA Style Guide
Argumentative Essay, The
Cause and Effect Essay
Character Analysis
Checklist for Revision
Chicago Style Guide and Sample Essay
Comma Splices
Comma Usage
Common Prefixes, Roots, and Suffixes
Commonly Confused Words
Comparison and Contrast Essay
Compass Reading Prep
COMPASS Reading Test Strategies
Conclusions and Inferences
Conjugation of the Verb To Be
Conjugation of the Verb To Have
Conquering Essay Tests
Coordination and Subordination
Dangling Modifiers
Definition Essay, The
Dependent Clauses
Descriptive Essay, The
Dictionary Terms
Diction and Tone
Direct and Indirect Objects
Directional Words in Essay Questions
Essay Prewriting
Example Essay, The
Expository Essay, The
Faulty Parallelism
Figures of Speech
Forming the Plural of Nouns
Irregular Verbs
Levels of Formality
Literary Analysis
Literary Analysis Thesis
Literary Quotation, Ten Commandments of
Logic in Arguments
Main and Helping Verbs
MLA Style Guide Version 7
MLA Style Guide Version 8
MLA Version 8 Sample Paper
Narrative Essay
Noun-Pronoun Agreement
Organizing Essays
Outline, The
Paragraph, The
Paragraph Plan
Paragraphs: Intro and Concluding
Paramedic Proofreading
Participial Adjectives Chart
Parts of Speech
Personal Statements on Scholarship or Admissions Essays
Preparing for a Reading Test
Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement
Pronoun Case
Pronoun Reference
Pronouns Used as Adjectives
Punctuation of Clauses
Punctuation Reference, Handy
Reading Test Savvy
Reading Tips
Recognizing Tone
Research Paper, How to Write a
Sentence Fragments
Sentence Patterns
Sentence Types
7-Step Writing Formula, A
Spelling Rules
SQ3R: A Reading/Study System
Step by Step Editing Guide
Strategies for Passing the COMPASS Reading Test
Subject-Verb Agreement
Subject-Verb Reminders
Test-Taking Strategies
Thesis Statement, The
Tips for Successful Writing
Transitive and Intransitive Verbs
Understanding How to Read Difficult Text
Understanding Purpose in Reading Passages
Unnecessary Shifts
Using Quotations in a Paper
Quotations: Using Ellipses
Verb Tense Consistency
Verb Tense Shifts
Words Most Often Misspelled
Writing a Book Report
Writing a Book Review