The Learning & Tutoring Center has six locations to serve you!

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We also have a variety of Workshops to help you.
CRLA certified tutor program

The Learning and Tutoring Center (LTC) is a resource for student success. Our mission is to "enable Perimeter College's diverse population of students to achieve their educational, personal, and career goals through tutoring and technology-based instruction, empowering them to become successful, independent, lifelong learners." There is a CRLA-certified LTC located on each of GPC's five campuses where we provide academic support in mathematics, reading, writing, science and more. In addition to our face-to-face tutoring services, we provide a variety of other services and resources to accommodate student needs.

Please visit or contact us if you:

 are having problems understanding class assignments.
 need to improve your skills.
 are preparing for the Entrance Exam.
 need access to handouts or computer-based resources to help improve your skills.
 are looking for a comfortable, supportive study environment that offers tutors, computers, and other instructional resources all in one location.
photos of different areas of the LTC locations on each campus

We have something for everyone. We are here to serve you.

Hours of operation vary by location. Please check the hours for the location you'd like to visit.