Statewide Contract List

The following is the link to the Georgia Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) State Purchasing's Statewide Contract list. State agencies are required to use these contracts to obtain any commodities/supplies needed. If the contractor on this statewide list does not have the item in stock or the particular item you need, you may then go to a non-statewide contractor to obtain the required items. If you have knowledge that a non-statewide contractor has a lower price please contact Logistical Services (678-891-3325) with the pertinent pricing information and we will notify DOAS. We must give the state contractor the opportunity to meet or beat the other price before we go to the non-statewide vendor.

To view the particulars of a statewide contract, please double click on the specific contract under "Statewide Contract Title" in the far left column. This will reveal all the pertinent information regarding that particular contract. The "Description" link will give an overview of the contract but not specifics. The remaining columns of information on the website provide the effective dates for the contracts, NIGP commodity number, Statewide Contract Number for the contract, and a link to the DOAS Buyer responsible for that contract. In most instances the "Contract Title" column, will provide the information you need. If you have any questions regarding the use of any of these contracts please contact Jill Taylor at 678-891-3189.