Welcome to the webpage for the French program at Georgia Perimeter College.  You may see below the course offerings in French at Georgia Perimeter College.  We offer students the Beginning and Intermediate levels of the French language with a strong emphasis on written and oral expression.

Georgia Perimeter students may earn an Associate of Arts degree in Foreign Language or an Associate of Arts degree in Foreign Language with a Concentration in Business. (see GPC catalog)

At Georgia Perimeter College, we encourage student participation in language clubs and Study Abroad to stimulate further interest in a variety of cultural aspects of French speaking countries and to reinforce the skills our students learn in the classroom.

Why study French?

        French continues to be the lingua franca of trade/business, economy, and diplomacy that it was for centuries.

    French is widely spoken around the world, on most continents from Europe to North America, Africa, and the Caribbean.

        French is one of the major international languages used in international organizations such as UNESCO, the UN, and the IOC.

Importance of France today

        France has become a leader in the global war on terrorism.

        France is the 6th largest economy in the world.

        French subsidiaries in the U.S. provide over 1/2 million jobs.


Course Descriptions Per College Catalog

* Check Schedule of Classes under Registration for Course Offerings each Semester.  The Summer Schedule is often "subject to change" as well.


FREN 1001 - Elementary French I

The goal of this course is to present grammar and vocabulary in a controlled, step-by-step manner, using the French language as the medium of instruction. Emphasis is on conversational interchange between the student and instructor and among students themselves. Vocabulary is taught in context, and French culture is interwoven in vocabulary study, dialogues, readings, and discussion topics.

FREN 1002 - Elementary French II

Prerequisite: FREN 1001 or permission of the Department Chair. This course is a continuation of FREN 1001 with further study of the culture of French-speaking regions.

FREN 2001 - Intermediate French I

Prerequisite: FREN 1002 or permission of the Department Chair. This course continues the material in Elementary French, introducing more complex, finer points of grammar, expanding vocabulary, and requiring reading of a more demanding linguistic nature.

FREN 2002 - Intermediate French II

Prerequisite: FREN 2001 or permission of the Department Chair. This course continues and completes the material in FREN 2001.

FREN 2610 - Composition and Conversation

Prerequisite: FREN 2002 or permission of the Department Chair. This course provides intensive training in accurate expression in both the spoken and the written language, based on grammar review and vocabulary acquisition.