A knowledge of one or more foreign languages can be useful in a wide range of careers. For some jobs, such as translating, interpreting and language teaching, language skills are one of the main requirements. For other jobs a combination of languages and other qualifications, knowledge or skills may be needed. For example, people with languages plus IT, law, finance or sales skills are much sought-after.

Georgia Perimeter College is dedicated to promoting globalization. 

The GPC Foreign Language programs offer instruction in a number of languages that will prepare you for today's multicultural, multinational world. Working with several of our transfer institutions from across the USG you will see the value a second language can bring you as you move on to further your education.

* This is an accurate and updated list of careers that recent graduates from two of our major transfer institutions have successfully pursued:


             Working at the Guatemalan Consul in Atlanta

             Working for the Latin American Association of Marietta

             Working for CNN espanol in both America and Mexico

             Working for the Leadership Program for Hispanics at Shaw Industries

             Working in Human Resources at Walmat and Home Depot

             Working for the Enterprise Phone-Alpes International

             Working with Finance as a Benefit Support Specialist

             Working as a PR Specialist for Environment America and Multiple Sclerosis Society

             Working as Business Development Representatives at ALTA Language Services

             Working for Airline industries (Delta)

             Working for the Chamber of Commerce here in Georgia

             Working at various governmental levels around the world

             Working for the German Cultural Institute

             Workign as a teacher of English in Chengdu China

             Working in the Chinese Government

             Local banks, import companies, research Anthropology, Luxury hotels all over the world, financial fields, non-profits, and accounting firms around the world.


*Some of the students who pursued these careers had a combined Degree in Foreign Language and Business or Foreign Language and Education.


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